Recycling Ethernet Cables

Here's a tip on how to recycle a damaged ethernet cable, you can easily strip the outer insulation to reveal 18-20ga wires. These wires are extremely useful for electronics projects and low voltage applications.

So while installing a network cable when setting up my home network, I had a 50ft flat ethernet cable and a staple gun that was too narrow for this purpose. I knew this would end poorly, but persisted anyways, routing my cable involved piercing the cable about 4-5 times and lots of cursing. A quick test of the cable showed it had caused a failure with my reckless stapling. I swapped the cable for a functional one, and was going to save that flat ethernet cable by cutting it at the wire breaks, and install new RJ-45 connectors to make some patch cables. But I already have a healthy collection of patch cables, but I could always use more electronics wire for projects. So I decided to keep this cable as my source of 24ga project wire, every few months when my supply runs low I chop off a 4ft section of ethernet to yield about (4 ft * 8 wires =) 32 ft of twisted pairs.

Here you can see ethernet recycled wires on my Keypad conversion project:

All of my USB Controllers use ethernet recycled wire too, it's the perfect application for flexible 24ga wire to use with 5v projects: